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NISD Rabbit Show Team Information

 NISD Rabbit
  Show Team  

NISD Rabbit Supervision Agriculture Teacher
Kristen Stockard - Eaton High School - kstockard@nisdtx.org
Cheyenne Bird - Eaton High School - makayla.bird@nisdtx.org 

Mandatory Deadline to pay for rabbit project
Friday, September 20,2019 - 4pm
Cost $50-$75
Send payment to:
Mrs. Stockard: Eaton High School

Student eligible to participate
- Northwest ISD High School Students from Byron Nelson, Northwest, and V.R. Eaton Agriculture Science Departments are eligible to be on the NISD Rabbit Show team when they pay their FFA membership fee to their respective high school FFA program.

- Northwest ISD students that are in 3rd grade or 8 years old are eligible to participate in the NISD FFA Jr. FFA program. This allows them to participate in showing on the NISD Rabbit show team once they have paid their FFA membership fee.

- FFA Student Membership for Eaton High School Students is $30.00 dollars - please make checks to Eaton FFA and turn into Mrs. Stockard
- Jr. FFA Student Membership for NISD is $15.00- Please make checks to Eaton FFA and turn into Mrs. Stockard
- Deadline October 16th

Use the link below to sign up to receive NISD FFA Rabbit Show Team Updates via Email. 
NISD Rabbit Showman Information Collection

Please see the bottom of the page for informational documents about showing rabbits


Information Meeting Aug 29th 2019 Kristen Stockard 8/28/2019 310 KB
Rabbit Purchase Slips (Required to buy rabbit) Kristen Stockard 8/29/2019 24 KB
Schedule of 2019-2020 Rabbit Stockshow Dates Kristen Stockard 10/14/2019 441 KB
NISD 2019-2020 Rabbit Show Team Handbook Kristen Stockard 8/26/2019 893 KB
Schedule of 2019-2020 Rabbit Show Clinics Kristen Stockard 11/5/2019 67 KB
Guidelines for Rabbit Showmanship Kristen Stockard 9/8/2016 258 KB
Rabbit Showmanship Score Card Kristen Stockard 9/8/2016 88 KB
Rabbit Posing Directions Kristen Stockard 9/8/2016 217 KB
Rabbit Care Informational Pamphlet Kristen Stockard 9/8/2016 262 KB
Texas Rabbit Breeders Membership Form Kristen Stockard 9/8/2016 65 KB
ARBA Membership Application Kristen Stockard 9/8/2016 76 KB



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